Last updated: 2019-12-05

Henry Waldock

I'm a Crown Counsel in Chilliwack, B.C..  I've been a lawyer since 1990, and I've been with the Crown in B.C. since 1991, mostly in the trenches, prosecuting criminal offences.  I've done policy research for the Criminal Justice Headquarters, but most of my career has been trial work.

Police agencies seem to like how I lecture on the law.  The R.C.M.P. arranged secondments for me to teach at their Pacific Regional Training Centre in 2003-2004, 2007-2008, and again in 2009-2012. The pages on this site began as notes for the courses I presented there.

In 2013-2014, I took a temporary position as Director of Legal Services at British Columbia's Independent Investigations Office, which I found fascinating.  That agency investigates police officers who cause serious harm or death, and refers cases to Crown Counsel when the evidence suggests that a police officer may have committed an offence.

I returned to criminal prosecution in September 2014.

On this site, I express my opinions. Sometimes, sometimes my opinions differ from the official opinions of the British Columbia Prosecution Service. Where that occurs, my opinions are mine alone, and the official opinion of the BCPS governs the Prosecution Service.


I maintain two manuals on Criminal Law:

Canadian Criminal Code Offences
Criminal Law Evidence, Practice and Procedure
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