Last updated: 2023-06-07

Henry Waldock

As Crown Counsel, I prosecuted criminal offences for over 30 years, mostly in Chilliwack, British Columbia. I retired from prosecuting in January 2023, but did an ad hoc prosecution of a sexual assault in May-June 2024

During my career I took a couple of years out of day-to-day litigation. One year, I did policy research. Another year, I took a temporary position as Director of Legal Services at British Columbia's Independent Investigations Office, which I found fascinating.  That agency investigates police officers who cause serious harm or death, and refers cases to Crown Counsel when the evidence suggests that a police officer may have committed an offence

Now that I retired from full-time prosecuting, I maintain two texts on criminal law (see below).

Police agencies seem to like how I lecture on the law.  The R.C.M.P. arranged several secondments for me to teach at their Pacific Regional Training Centre. The pages on this site began as notes for the courses I presented there. If you think that your police agency would like me to make a presentation on legal topics, please let me know. We might come to some arrangement.


I maintain two manuals on Criminal Law:

Canadian Criminal Code Offences
Criminal Law Evidence, Practice and Procedure
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